I'm Char - a twenty something, recently graduated freelance writer trying to find their way through these uncertain and tumultuous times by absorbing as much culture as I can. I have an inter-disciplinary educational background in English Literature (BA) and International Relations (MA), and tend to write about the intersection between culture and politics. 

I'm interested in how culture can be used to assimilate, protest, and reconcile social injustices. I am currently researching the rise of visual poetry in the social activist space, and how the form creates a new visual-literary activist ecology. As a form that lies at the nexus between the literary, visual art, and film spheres, its hybrid nature forges an expression freed from the modalities of constraint within these separate traditions.

I also spend a lot of time reading and writing about how colonial and capitalist modes of production have taught us to see the world through a particular lens. Culture breeds emotion and enables us to connect and expand our conceptual imaginaries and it is by engaging with artists who work beyond the white heteropatriarchal world order that we can break out of these destructive modes of productions.